Take a look at our face to face translation service

Our face to face translation service consists of:​

Fast and fluid translation

One of the most frequent complaints of people who need a translation service is that the translator can be a slow and may even lose the pace of the conversation.

Familiar with relevant business and culture

It often helps to have a translator who understands the culture of where you are and any business nomenclature

Guaranteed arrival of translator within 24 hours

We can have the translator sent to you whenever you need. We can do it as quickly as within 24 hours.

Take control over messages

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Our experts

Thomas Farhoughty

Thomas is nothing short of being an expert on linguistics. He specializes in eastern European dialects and has spent over 20 years living and learning in 13 different European countries. He has worked as a translator for several businesses, an immigration service and in several hotels.

Daisy latcher

Daisy is an expert on African dialects. She has had the unique experience of living with several African tribes and even participating in conservation efforts with regards to the endangered White Rhino and Elephants, along with living as a citizen in the everyday world of East Africa. All of this gives her a unique insight and ability to explain and give perspectives on the culture of the region.

James McBridle

James has perhaps the most intriguing career – he spent over 5 years as a translator for the British Army in Syria and Iraq before turning to the hospitality industry. After his work with the armed forces he began working as a translator for several corporations, often responsible for conducting and facilitating extremely large deals for his employer and making sure that the contracts that were to be signed and engaged in were correct. He has lived in Israel, Turkey and Saudi Arabia and has visited most other countries in the Middle East such as Yemen, Libya and Oman among others.

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How to purchase our services

We operate on a custom product basis because each client has a unique set of needs and circumstances. This means there is no set price for our linguistic services.

Please inform us with as much detail as possible what your requirements are and we’ll get back to you promptly with a custom quote.

To obtain a quote

Please fill out this form:

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  • If it is a translation service please put the amount of people we will need to translate for
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