Some background

We are a company for helping and assisting people with language barriers. Originally started as an interpretation service in Kenya helping local and foreign business people within the hospitality industry communicate, we soon grew to span helping people in other areas of Africa, and then the middle east and Europe. We firmly believe that communication comes first in matters of business, and we also believe that our service is superior and unique.

We have since expanded our product range to include the domestic market, helping holiday makers, backpackers and students etc. with their journey in both a linguistic sense and also with the culture and local area, in a way that a smartphone just can’t do. Africa is a prime example of why our service is so necessary and helpful – it is a beautiful country with a rich, varied and vibrant culture. But there is plenty of political turmoil in certain regions which makes it very dangerous if you don’t know what you’re doing, where you’re going or who you’re with.


Translation services

Book a specialist

Book a specialist to come and visit you

Book an advisor

For a one on one discussion regarding the culture and location of the country you’ll be visiting along with a variety of important information, book one of our advisors to talk to

Book a remote interpreter

Book a specialist to help you with translation via a remote means of contact.

Overview of what we can offer

Full language packs

Learn a new language with our book and audio c.d.’s


We also sell equipment such as headphones, c.d. players, mp3 players and so on, so that you can use our products

Audio language packs

Purchase a c.d. or downloadable audio file

Visual language packs

Purchase books and cue cards



This was an excellent service for our customers

P.T. Hanbury

Seriously helpful. You get tons of bonus features too!

Luke Day

Lifesavers! They were so helpful and knew everything possible and then some.

Lauren COYLE

Some of our corporate clients

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