Founded in 2014, we had a vision of providing affordable and convenient linguistic services for people who work in the hospitality industry. These linguistic services were:

-Face to face translations

-Information about the local area and culture

-Language training packs

-One on one language lessons

-remote language lessons

-Remote assistance with a particular language and culture

Clients were typically business people working in parts of East Africa, and for many of them language was a barrier. Political turmoil and language differences can be huge hurdles to overcome for anyone, but when it comes to a business it can make or break it. Despite business being slow in the beginning we managed to see consistent success later on and proceeded to expand our enterprises.

We estimated that by 2017 we would receive a large amount of interest particularly in East Africa due to a change in tariffs set by the government which in layman terms meant that imports to and from the region would be restricted considerably less and would also have much lighter taxes applied to them. We soon expanded with clients across Africa and then parts of the middle East and Europe, most of whom were also in the hospitality industry. However we didn’t constrict ourselves when it came to expansion and soon began to deal with domestic clients such as backpackers and other tourists.

Furthermore, due to our foresight in sourcing all of our products from the ground up and with an emphasis on doing everything we can ourselves so as to save on overheads, we provide everything one needs to learn a new language, be it visual media, interactive applications, auditory media etc.

We now have a large and consistent customer base including both business and non-commercial clients. We pride ourselves on being able to design a product catered to your needs.

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