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MP3 player

We can offer a range of MP3 players to best suit your needs, whether you’re listening to it during excersize, driving, or sitting at home.


Headphones are a deceptively important product. Headphones can only be used for certain activities, e.g. you usually can’t wear over-ear headphones while running. You also need to purchase headphones that will pick up the subtleties in annunciation (particularly for African dialects.)

c.d. players

Despite a general lack of c.d.’s there is still a healthy enough portion of the market that still uses c.d. players. Reliable and sturdy, but best for home use.

Smartreader app

Our unique app will be compatible with Android and IOS devices. The app will consist of a number of features such as randomly automated tests, being completely integrated with the other learning material as per the book and audio products, access to additional help, communication with fellow language learners, and much much more.

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